Hospitality Business Alliance

The Hospitality Business Alliance was founded on the belief that the independent restaurant and hospitality operators in our communities make up a rich piece of the fabric and substance of our lives. From coffee shops to cocktail lounges and pizza parlors to fine dining establishments, hospitality environments provide a backdrop for all manner of social and business interaction. What’s more, the experiences we have at these unique locations are the ones that impact us most greatly and last in our memory; unlike those played out in “chains” or the cookie-cutter settings of corporate stores.

We also recognize, ironically, that these independent operators providing so much more depth to our experiences have a strikingly shallow pool of resources from which to draw and very little attention paid to their needs – rather, it seems that the best resources historically are available to those who join the rank and file of the corporate machine. That needs to change – and we at the HBA intend to be the agents of that transformation: through the true alignment of incentives.


Our expressed mission and purpose is to foster a culture of respect and cooperation between hospitality businesses and their suppliers and partners. Furthermore, the Alliance has been formed with a goal of providing tangible business benefits to all members that could not otherwise be created without a mechanism for fair and equitable exchange of value between the parties.


The HBA serves as a critical connection point between independent hospitality operators and a select group of product and service partners; creating value for both through a compelling alignment of incentives:

The HBA allows members to access products and services with terms, pricing and incentives typically unavailable to them as independents by leveraging the collective negotiating power of a larger group. To be certain, aspects of this model have been introduced in many industries and there are already “collective buying groups” a plenty… What makes HBA membership so valuable is the inclusion of far more than access to group purchasing; educational services, curated employee benefit programs, tailored marketing resources, hospitality technologies and risk mitigation resources.
Our curated list of Partners includes industry leaders in their respective areas – and true advocates of the independent hospitality operator. Businesses that partner with the HBA have made true commitments to the success of our membership; this commitment comes in the form of exclusive programs, member-only discounts, preferential buy rates or increased service levels offered to the Alliance membership. In return for their commitments, Partners enjoy a direct connection with the Alliance membership, affording them access to a prospective customer base that already views them in a favorable light.


With a focus on quality and relevance over quantity and novelty, the HBA has constructed a curated program of benefits for its membership. These benefits are delivered by industry partners with the highest ethics and integrity – and a commitment to helping our Alliance members succeed in their business. Roll over a tile below to see a brief description of the benefit and click the link to learn more.

Business Insurance & Risk Mitigation Services

Healthcare Benefits & Employee Assistance Programs

Food & Alcohol Safety Training & Testing Programs

Hospitality Technology Solutions & Payment Processing Services

Google Search Optimization & Local Business Listing Services


The Hospitality Business Alliance is a membership-based organization that collects dues from its members for providing products and services that help enhance their businesses and get the most out of the relationships with suppliers and partners.


$250per year